Some questions..

 Hi, I am a developer of aspl-fact and I have some questions for you.

1) How can I make a connection, through gda, to the data-base and make a
Now, we are making this stuff  with something like this:

    Gda_Connection *data_base_conection=NULL;

    data_base_connection = gda_connection_new(gda_corba_get_orb());

    gda_connection_set_provider(data_base_connection, "localhost");

    gda_connection_open(data_base_connection, "DATABASE=data_base_name",
user, password);

    order = gda_command_new();

    gda_command_set_connection(order, data_base_connection);

    gda_command_set_text(order, SQL_string);

    resultado = gda_command_execute(order, NULL, 0);

but it does not work. The gda_corba_get_orb() function always returns a
NULL pointer and our dear
gda_connection_new () function doesn't like this.
Simply, we don't know how to do a simple connection, can help us? Where
can we find documentation
or examples to do this?

2) How must we use gnome-db header files?  If we put:
#include <gnome-db/gnome-db.h>
it doesn't work. Instead of this we are doing directly:
#include <gnome-db/gnome-db-widget-name.h>
Is it right ?


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