Re: [gnome-db]libcamel

On 26 Feb 2001 01:43:49 +0100, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi all!
> I've just seen on the Ximian FTP server that now libcamel is distributed
> separated from evolution (that is, for debian at least, there is a
> libcamel and a libcamel-dev package).
> So, this means that we can restart the development of the
> gda-mail-server started some time ago by Akira, and which was stopped
> due to the not-separation of libcamel from evolution at that time.
> I know Akira is busy, so if somebody wants to take the task. This
> provider would be a very good testbed for the XML queries stuff, as it
> must support them to have a way of letting the clients execute commands.

As you know, Dan Winship said wait until after Evolution 1.0. Evolution
is updated
everyday by Evolution's developer. Actually I watched the camel code and
I used
the camel via Evolution. However at the time, Camel has some bug and
API's spec is
changed... Anyway, Right now camel may has the stability, but I think we
may wait
until they released camel officially. (I mean until actually they make
an announcement.)

any comments?

BTW I return from US at March 2. I will come back to development after

Akira TAGOH :: at gclab org
               tagoh gnome gr jp  / Japan GNOME Users Group
               tagoh gnome-db org / GNOME-DB Project
               tagoh redhat com   / Red Hat, Inc.

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