[gnome-db]Gda_ objec names

Hi all!

Carlos just pointed me out something that should have been done some
time ago. That is, to have the libgda API consistent with the rest of
the GNOME project, a *huge* change must be done. All objects in libgda
are called Gda_*, where they should be Gda* (without the _), as gnome-db
already does (GnomeDb*) and other GNOME APIs do.

So, this change must be made ASAP, and it must be done without too many
problems for the applications making use of libgda. So, we need a
beatiful script to do that conversion, so that we just have to run that
script on the different apps using libgda (gnumeric, glade, gASQL,
aspl-fact, GNUe).

I'm very bad on doing this, so if somebody wants to do it, please :)


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