[gnome-db]Re: XML Queries

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 Malerba_Vivien stna dgac fr wrote:

> * Gerhard has produced a first working version of the XML query
> implementation which contains a new DTD (not finished yet), and a C
> library to convert XML queries to SQL. He is also now working on using
> XSLT rather than pure C to do the job.

I'm having a look at the DTD but it's difficult to understand every
element. We should add a little documentaion in it. Example help but are
not enough :( I'll add comments and examples as I go through it.

> * Pau has an awk parser to have the reverse path (from SQL to create
> XML) that is based on the old xml-query.dtd in CVS

It works now with the latest DTD, only the create part, but it's very
precarious, without error checking. It works in simple cases as mysql
dumps :) Not bad to start working without having to retype the whole DDL
again. It also underdtands the foreign keys. I'll extend it in the coming
weeks but meanwhile if somebody needs it, just drop me an email.


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