Re: [gnome-db](no subject)

> > And Akira, if you've got no time to make the Debian packages, tell me,
> > and I'll
> > do them myself, since I've got everything needed to make them.
> > 
> > As I'm not very experienced with CVS tags, I ask for a little help. What
> > I'm
> > going to do is to create the branch:
> > 
> > cvs -r "release-0-2-3" tag
> > 
> I think that we must name it as gnome-db-0-2-branch (as other Gnome
> modules do). Also I want
> to discuss other time the utility of include libgda inside gnome-db when
> you download it from the CVS
> We are making release very often so all the people interested on
> gnome-db from CVS will know what is a CVS.
> If we mantain this structure when you do the branch you will mark
> gnome-db and libgda as the same branch and I think
> that perhaps in a near future we would do a version separation (for
> example have a libgda 1.0 and a gnome-db 1.1).
> I don't know how explain this in a good english so, please ask me if you
> don't understand it.

yes, I think I've understood. And you're right, but we'll do this when
we have separated releases
of both projects. For the moment, as they're always released at the same
time, I think it's more manageable like this.

> > and then, I'll have two separated directories (gnome-db &
> > gnome-db-0-2-3) to be able
> > to work on both tags. But, if I make a change in 0-2-3 tag, how can I do
> > to
> > reflect this change, if needed, in the HEAD tag?
> > 
> I don't know, sorry.

looking at cvsbook, I've learnt, so now everything's ok. So, to retrieve
the 0.2.3 branch:

cvs -z3 co -d gnome-db-0-2-3 -r release-0-2-3-branch gnome-db

This will create a directory called gnome-db-0-2-3 in your current dir.
So, please, get it from CVS and either try to make the packages from it,
or run it to find any bugs.

> > I'm not proceeding with this until I get an answer about my CVS doubts,
> > so, in the
> > meantime, DO NOT check in new functionality to CVS, just bug fixes.
> So I must not upload report related updates?...

upload them to HEAD, which is the copy you should have right now in your


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