Re: [gnome-db] libgda dependencies

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 22:32, Will LaShell wrote:
> >
> > Is it posible for us to split the various provider specific dependent
> > libs out to seperate rpms? so that if someone installs an rpm, they
> > don't immediately need to instally something they have no use for??
> >
> doesn't RPM do that automatically? that is, I suppose it knows that
> libgda does not link with postgres, only gda-postgres, so it will set
> the dependencies up correctly?
> If not, how can this be fixed in the current SPEC file?

When I built the rpms just now via rpm -ta, individual rpms for mysql,
odbc and postgres (gda-[name]) were created.

Also, here is a patch to the gnome-db spec file.  The help files were
being included twice..

I have built these rpms if you want them..  Just tell me how to get them
to you..

---	Mon Dec  3 15:24:30 2001
+++	Mon Dec  3 15:24:50 2001
@@ -93,7 +93,6 @@
@@ -109,7 +108,6 @@
 %files devel
 %defattr(-, root, root)
-%doc %{_datadir}/gnome/html/*

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