Re: [gnome-db]installing gnome-db

>>>i am facing another problem while installing these packages.
>>>[root virgo i386]# rpm --rebuild gnome-print-0.25-9.src.rpm
>>>Installing gnome-print-0.25-9.src.rpm
>>>only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version
>>>of RPM. and it exits. so i am not able to reach to the point of
>>>installing gnome-db.
>>You need to upgrade your version of RPM. RPM version 4 is now current
>>and required by many gnome-ish things.
>this may not be the right place to ask my question, but i cannot help
>I have rpm-3.0.4 installed on my machine.
>while installing rpm-4.0.3 i again get the above error.
>then i tried installing,
>[root virgo i386]# rpm -Uvh rpm-3.0.6-4.i386.rpm
>error: failed dependencies:
> is needed by gnorpm-0.9-15
> is needed by rpm-build-3.0.4-0.48
> is needed by rpm-python-3.0.4-0.48
> is needed by rpm-build-3.0.4-0.48
>i am using all the rpm's from, can anyone tell me what does
>the different colors on the prm listing mean?

Packages that depend on the RPM3 mechanism will need to be upgraded too,  simply
get new version of all the RPM packages (build, devel, python and gno) and
upgrade them all at once.  Or you can remove build, devel, python and gno with
"rpm -e ...", upgrade the base RPM package, and then re-install all the
aforementioned.  When your all done to an rpm --rebuilddb.  The only UGLY you
might hit is needing a new version of db which means upgrading glibc.  But that
is usually pretty painless too, and current versions actually do threading much
better (OpenLDAP's slurpd works for example).

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