Re: [gnome-db]GUADEC decisions

> > 
> > yes, that are the templates. Or do you mean a set of templates
> > distributed as part of gnome-db?
> No, not yet. But that reminded me of the following: 
> A kind of report wizard using e.g. gnome-druid might be a nice thing for 
> gui users.

yes, also a very good idea. This could be part of the GnomeDbReport
widget (in edition mode). A wizard could be
used then to create the basic report structure.

> > 
> > > What i think of is a kind of scripting possibility for the frontend, which
> > > allows automated issuing queries to the servers, generating reports, calling
> > > external gnome/gnome-db modules through CORBA, etc. The "scripts" could be
> > > stored in xml-files and possibly even distributed through CORBA-components.
> > > This would make gnome-db a powerful tool. 
> > > 
> > 
> > yes, definitely a very good idea. I've thought myself some time ago
> > about this, and I had a look at both perl and python integration
> > possibilities. For both languages, integrating an interpreter in the FE
> > is quite easy. The same happens, if I'm not wrong, with guile.
> > 
> > So, what language(s) should we be using for scripting stuff?
> I'd prefer perl as most admins are familar with it. Additionally, perl is
> on every linux machine. And perl is very powerful in manipulating text data,
> so it would be pretty easy to work along with resultsets returned by 
> components. As there are plenty of modules available for perl, one could
> do much more than just using gda-component calls.

added to bugzilla, so that it does not get forgotten. I also think we
could start with Perl, and then, later, add also support for other
languages, such as Python or Guile.

> Though, python might be more powerful on complex solutions and has more 
> gnome-bindings, i've been told. As i don't know python much, i don't know 
> other pros/cons for choosing between them, though.

well, that's not true anymore. Paolo Molaro has been working in the last
weeks on the gnome-perl bindings, and he's added support for most of the
GNOME libraries (including Bonobo, GtkHTML, GdkPixbuf, and even Mozilla
!). So, the Perl bindings are by far the most advanced for GNOME.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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