Re: Antw: Re: Some ideas about report

> > >>> Carlos Perello Marin <carlos hispalinux es> 20.09.2000  22.55 Uhr
> > >>>
> > >...
> > > Please send me the new DTD (developed from the CVS one, please) and I
> > > will prepare the definitive IDL.
> > 
> > I attached the new gda-report.dtd. I made one new extension:
> > a 'reportstyle' attribute, that can have the values "list" or "form"
> >
> Ok, this night i will upload it
Carlos, I've moved the from the libgda/lib/gda-client
dir to the libgda/report dir, since it's there where it belongs.

I've also removed the gda-report.[ch] files, since they're not needed
anymore, in that dir, and in their actual form (based on Gda_XmlFile).


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