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> >>> Carlos Perello Marin <carlos hispalinux es> 20.09.2000  22.55 Uhr
> >>>
> >...
> > Please send me the new DTD (developed from the CVS one, please) and I
> > will prepare the definitive IDL.
> I attached the new gda-report.dtd. I made one new extension:
> a 'reportstyle' attribute, that can have the values "list" or "form"

Ok, this night i will upload it
> I also have some questions to the changes you made:
> - what is a 'lineheight'?
Well, i think that you could define the height of one line then you
could have some lines with a different weight.

> - where are the queries? 

They aren't finished, and needs a restructuration to include more than
one query in a XML file. Temporal

> - you replaced the 'reportdata' by 'datalist', that is a list of
> 'reportdata'. But then the meaning of
>   dataheader/datafooter is no longer obvious, because it was intended to
> be a (virtual) group,
>   that contains all the data. Now we have a list of datasections, so the
> question is:
>   -- Should we have a dataheader/footer for each element of the list
>   -- or a dataheader/footer for the whole list
>   -- or both?


> Gerhard

I will start the codification as we talk at this list, after we have
something usable then i will revise the DTD.


Carlos Perell&#-31; Mar&#-54;n
carlos hispalinux es
Valencia - Espa&#-54;a

Y tu, ya has Evolucionado?, p&#-31;sate a Evolution :-)

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