RE: new release

> Great!  Can hardly wait (but will):>)
> I was all atwitter at the first gnome-db announcement and really soared when 
> it was going to become a Glade widget.  Marche on!
> (But Damon Chaplin says GnomeDb widgets won't help Glade all that much) :>(
well, they don't help too much in developing DB applications with the
mouse (you still have to add your own code for opening connections and
filling in the grids, etc), but you can design your screens with
GNOME-DB widgets on it.

BTW, I am going to make RPMs with the latest Glade CVS sources, and with
Bonobo and gnome-db support. As soon as I've got them, I'll post to the
list to see if somebody wants them. If so, drop me a mail and I'll send
them over to you. For this, of course, you'll need the gnome-db CVS
sources. They won't work with the 0.0.96 RPMs or tarball.


PS: as soon as Akira answers about the debs, I'll make the release, so
won't have to wait too much.

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