RE: new release

Great!  Can hardly wait (but will):>)
I was all atwitter at the first gnome-db announcement and really soared when 
it was going to become a Glade widget.  Marche on!
(But Damon Chaplin says GnomeDb widgets won't help Glade all that much) :>(

>===== Original Message From Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo linuxave net> =====
>Hi all!
>The previous post about the problems running the current gnome-db
>release has convinced me to release a new version to avoid all these
>There are some things that are not finished yet, but I think it's better
>to have a release now, and as soon as we finish them, make another
>So, the only thing to do to make the release is to make the packages.
>I'll make the RPMs, so Akira, please, do the debs with the current CVS
>version. As soon as you've got them, I'll make the announcement.
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