Re: New ideas about the report engine :-)

Carlos Perello Marin wrote:
> Well, i have thinking another time about the report engine, and i think
> that we could define all the report objects at the IDL file
> (GdaReportObject, GdaReportLine, GdaReportPicture, etc.) then the only
> doubt i had was: who could we derivate from GtkObject?, the i go to the
> IRC at #gnome and Miguel tell me that the best thing we could do is use
> the BonoboObject as our base class, and i will do it (if you don't have
> any trouble, of course).

I still think client first approach is not best.  I like bonobo stuff
much better than basing on GTKObject.  As always to me choice is better
so dont like GNOME dependencies even though I love GNOME. :)

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise
derek gnue org

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