RE: New ideas about the report engine :-)

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> > If you are talking about the generic report engine (the back end of the reporting
> > system), I would have trouble with that, if Bonobo means gnome dependant
> > (which I believe that it is the case).
> Yes, is for this part, but you are wrong with one thing.  Bonobo is
> dependent of Gnome at this moment as libgda, but with the GTK/Glib 1.4
> it will be independent (it only depends on GtkObject as libgda), then if
> we use Bonobo, we haven't take care about the change from GTK/Glib 1.2
> to 1.4, because Bonobo will do it for us. :-) (And of course, it will be
> also X11 independent :-D )

Well, that sounds very good. Seems like I have to take a closer look at
Bonobo :-)


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