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> Carlos,
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> > Well, i have thinking another time about the report engine, and i think
> > that we could define all the report objects at the IDL file
> > (GdaReportObject, GdaReportLine, GdaReportPicture, etc.) then the only
> > doubt i had was: who could we derivate from GtkObject?, the i go to the
> > IRC at #gnome and Miguel tell me that the best thing we could do is use
> > the BonoboObject as our base class, and i will do it (if you don't have
> > any trouble, of course).
> I'm not sure if I understand correctly.

Yes, you have understand me correctly.

> If you are talking about the generic report engine (the back end of the reporting
> system), I would have trouble with that, if Bonobo means gnome dependant
> (which I believe that it is the case).

Yes, is for this part, but you are wrong with one thing.  Bonobo is
dependent of Gnome at this moment as libgda, but with the GTK/Glib 1.4
it will be independent (it only depends on GtkObject as libgda), then if
we use Bonobo, we haven't take care about the change from GTK/Glib 1.2
to 1.4, because Bonobo will do it for us. :-) (And of course, it will be
also X11 independent :-D )

> If you are talking about the graphical frontend for displaying reports, then of
> course I wouldn't mind.
> Thanks,

I hope you understand this correctly, please email me if you don't
understand it well. Thanks.
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