RE: Using gnome-db in Glade

>===== Original Message From Damon Chaplin <damon helixcode com> =====
>Bill Barnes wrote:
>> Thanks very much for clearing up the cvs procedure.  Checked out both
>> packages.
>> Documented a type correction about midway in the page.
>> There are still problems in the libgda configure with *.m4.  Will have to 
>> back later with error messages.
>> Out of time to work on this and will just simply have to write some glade
>> programs without gnome and gnome-db.
>There will be a new Glade release soon (probably next weekend). Maybe that
>will compile first-time!
>Note that Glade doesn't really help much at all with GnomeDB widgets.
>Using the 'Custom' widget in Glade is almost as useful.
>(It calls a function you supply to create the widget)

Thanks very much for that information.

I have lost a lot of very valuable program development time.
Well, at least, it drives home a reminder to stay off the leading-edge bus.

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