Hi Bill!

I've just known about your Snapper project, and as I've seen you're
talking about RDBMS access, we (the gnome-db team) would like to suggest
you to use GNOME-DB database- access library (libgda) for that, which is
based on CORBA, and allows access to several DBMS systems, such as
postgres, mysql, oracle, ODBC (sybase, interbase, MS-access, LDAP and
XML are in development).

Other projects are now using libgda for their database access, so your
app won't be the first one, and having several people using the same API
will help us in making it as powerful as possible. GNOME-DB is part of
the GNOME project, and is included in the gnome-office suite, so using
it will give your app many convenciences, such as GNOME-office
integration, Bonobo, etc

also you could use the GNOME-DB widgets, which are GTK/GNOME widgets and
data-oriented, such as a grid, a list, a combo box, etc

You can learn about gnome-db in


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