Hi all!

Well, the gnome-db2 module (and libgda) now seem quite stable, having
almost the same functionality as gnome-db had. In fact, libgda is
complete, only gnome-db2 is missing some things, but is also adding a
few things, mainly bonobo integration, which were not in gnome-db.

So, I've asked the administrator in to move the gnome-db2
module to gnome-db and gnome-db to something like
gnome-db-before-surgery. For the moment, nothing has been done, but I
will send a mail to the list before it actually gets done so that people
can check in their local changes before.

Also, people getting the source code from anoncvs will have to remove
their local copy and checkout again.


PS: sending this mail from evolution
PS2: Joaquin, I haven't checked in your patch. I'll leave it as it is
until you get your CVS account so that you do it yourself, ok?

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