Re: Quick help to configure gnome-db.

Hi Laurent!

> Hello  all,
> I'm trying to configure gnome-db on a RH 6.2 with an oracle database
> 8.0.3
> running on a Sun OS 2.6 with SQL NET V2.3.
> 1)      Is it possible to have access to this data base with gnome-db ?
yes, of course, you've got the gda-oracle provider

> 2)      Could you help quickly to configure gnome-db to do so.
>         (I've not really the time yet to read all the available doc ...
>         I must execute some query on a large data base the most rapidly
>         as possible)
There are two ways to specify the DSN field. One is to leave it blank,
in that case, it will connect to your local instance (the specified by
$ORACLE_SID environment variable). The other one is to specify the name
of an entry in your tnsnames.ora file, so for example, if you've got an
entry called 'test', the DSN entry in the gdalib file will be:


and that's all. If you just want to access your local database, just
leave this field empty.


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