RE: Compiling rolodex

Hi Bill!

> This is *really* embarrassing.  I respect correct spelling and grammar.
> But *I* misspelled 'clinet'.  The message really is:
>   make: *** No rule to make target '../gda-clnt/', needed
> rolodex
ok! Reading again your message I've seen that you're using the 0.0.91
tarball, so there's nothing to do with bonobo in that version. And, most
inmportant for you, the rolodex app in that version is almost unusable, so
just open your top and remove the 'rolodex' string from the
SUBDIRS variable. Then, rerun configure or I hope with this
you'll be able to compile.

I know this is not a good solution, but 0.0.91 is a quite old version (it's
my fault for not releasing more often). As soon as Vivien (one of the
developers) commit some things into CVS, we'll make a new release, so keep
informed to upgrade as soon as it is out. Or even better, try the CVS
version, which is what will go in the new release.

> Also rushed into rolodex.  Hadn't installed bonobo, so tried that.
> The messages from installing bonobo rpm are
>   Failed dependencies;
> is needed by bonobo-0.13-prw2
> is needed by bonobo-0.13-prw2
>              (spelling reviewed) :-)
you need gdk_pixbuf anb gnome-print and gnome-print-devel. Go to , there you'll find RPMS for them


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