RV: GNOME CVS: gnome-db gorham


> CVSROOT: /cvs/gnome
> Module name: gnome-db
> Changes by: gorham 00/06/29 06:18:57
> Added files:
> gda-odbc-server: gda-odbc-command.c gda-odbc-config
>                  gda-odbc-connection.c gda-odbc-recordset.c
>                  gda-odbc-srv gda-odbc.h main-odbc.c
> Removed files:
> gda-odbc-server: ChangeLog Makefile.am gda-command.c
>                  gda-command.h gda-common.h gda-connection.c
>                  gda-connection.h gda-error.c gda-error.h
>                  gda-field.c gda-field.h gda-odbc-config-main.c
>                  gda-odbc-config.gnorba gda-odbc-config.oafinfo
>                  gda-odbc-misc.c gda-odbc-misc.h gda-odbcsrv.c
>                  gda-odbcsrv.h gda-recset.c gda-recset.h
>                  gda-types.h gnome-shlib.c main.c misc.c odbc.h
>                  sqldriver.h
Nick, you shouldn't have deleted the gda-odbc-config* files, since these are
the config components, and they are ok as they were. And also, you've added
the gda-odbc-srv and gda-odbc-config binaries, which don't belong to CVS.

Apart from this, I will test your changes in a moment. But the code I've
seen so far (not too much though), looks ok


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