Re: gda-buildserver


I've been reading carefully your message, and...

There are some details I didn't mention:
* you should remove the ${GENERATED*FILES} variables, since now, with
the new libgda-server, there is no need for generating the C files from
the IDL files. Also, all the commands to compile them, and the call to
orbit-idl, since it's that one which generated those files.
* Also, the S{TMPL*FILES} are wrong. You should delete the
TMPL_FIXED_FILES (no need for them), and the other two should change to:
	TMPL_C_FILES="gda-srv-command.c gda-srv-connection.c
gda-srv-recordset.c main-srv.c"

>   * -p flag (example: -p MY_PROVIDER --skels) now replaces provider
>     name in source code.  I don't think there's anything that forces
>     you to use this flag, but unpredictable things will happen if
>     you don't use it with --skels.
In this, you should change the names of the template files being
generated, from gda-srv-* to gda-MY_PROVIDER-*. So, also, I would use
lowercase for the provider's name (my_provider), but of course, this is
> Then I tried compiling my empty skeletons with:
>   gda-buildserver -o foo -f main-srv.c
Here, you should pass all the template files generated.
It seems that all the compilation errors may be due to all this I
mention, but anyway, I've checked the template files, and there were
some errors. So, please try again with the CVS version.

PD: I've asked for a CVS account for you

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