Re: gda-buildserver

Brian Jepson wrote:
> On Wed, 10 May 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> [...]
> > > Anyhow, I'm sorry I haven't taken care of that script - I wanted you to
> > > know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, and that I'm still
> > > planning to take care of it (once I can get caught up with everything
> > > else)...
> > >
> > Ok, but anyway, as we're adding the libgda-server lib (which implements
> > the CORBA part) for not having to repeat all over the same code (as it's
> > done right now in each provider), this script may change a bit from what
> > we talked some time ago. So, when you'll want to do it, get in contact
> > with the list so that we find a good way of doing it.
> >
> Rodrigo,
> I'm at the point where I can start looking at the gda-buildserver script
> (the book is finally done, and seems like it will go to the printer early
> this week - whoohoo!).

> I was wondering if you could refresh my memory as
> to how someone who is writing a server would use the script.  I tried
> running it, but it's not clear to me what I should supply for the --o and
> -f options. 
> Does the script expect that I've already written an implementation?  In
> that case, it seems like I'd run it first with --skels and then without,
> to compile a skeleton implementation.
Yes, the idea is to have a parameter (let's say --skels) which will get
a set of template files which correspond to the server implementation
(BTW, I must add the new templates because the current ones don't make
use of the new gda-server library). Then, you edit these files and add
the 'real' implementation (DBMS specific), for then calling again the
gda-buildserver script, which should take care of adding the needed
CFLAGS and LIBS and compile, link any file that compose the server.

So, the --o flag would indicate the name of the executable (--o
gda-odbc-srv) and the --f flag indicates the set of files to be included
in the build process. You could, for example include .c files (= to be
compiled and linked), .o files (= to be linked). Then, there should be
another flag, let's say --l, to be able to pass extra libraries to be
included in the link process.

Let me a couple of days to add the new templates to CVS so that you can
start with it. But for the moment, you can play around with the old
templates, as the mechanism is the same.

> P.S. I've been slowly working on converting my gnome-db chapter from an
> opaque (ms-word) format to a transparent (docbook) format. It's slow
> going, and I'm currently on page 12 of 52. However, I will try to get a
> few pages done each night.  It's available as a work-in-progress on
> When it's done, I am planning
> to put it under the GNU documentation license.
That's great news. I'm going to have a look right now.


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