Re: gda-buildserver

On Wed, 10 May 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:


> > Anyhow, I'm sorry I haven't taken care of that script - I wanted you to
> > know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, and that I'm still
> > planning to take care of it (once I can get caught up with everything
> > else)...
> > 
> Ok, but anyway, as we're adding the libgda-server lib (which implements
> the CORBA part) for not having to repeat all over the same code (as it's
> done right now in each provider), this script may change a bit from what
> we talked some time ago. So, when you'll want to do it, get in contact
> with the list so that we find a good way of doing it.


I'm at the point where I can start looking at the gda-buildserver script
(the book is finally done, and seems like it will go to the printer early
this week - whoohoo!). I was wondering if you could refresh my memory as
to how someone who is writing a server would use the script.  I tried
running it, but it's not clear to me what I should supply for the --o and
-f options. 

Does the script expect that I've already written an implementation?  In
that case, it seems like I'd run it first with --skels and then without,
to compile a skeleton implementation.


Brian Jepson * (  *

P.S. I've been slowly working on converting my gnome-db chapter from an
opaque (ms-word) format to a transparent (docbook) format. It's slow
going, and I'm currently on page 12 of 52. However, I will try to get a
few pages done each night.  It's available as a work-in-progress on When it's done, I am planning
to put it under the GNU documentation license.

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