Re: new gda component

On mer, 14 jun 2000, you wrote:
> Hi all!
> I've thought of another config component we can have. If you use
> unixODBC (, you'll see that, in the Driver
> Manager (where you configure the data sources), you are first prompted
> for a driver, and then, it loads a list of property names from the
> chosen driver. This list defines all the parameters the driver needs to
> configure a data source.
> So, a gda-postgres-dsn (and gda-odbc-dsn, etc) can be added acting like
> this. This component should be able to build the DSN string which goes
> to the gdalib config file. This could be retrieved by the app using the
> component through a property.
> This will avoid the user having to type the DSN string, which is
> different for every provider.
> So, is it a good idea?

Great idea!


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