Re: Postgres provider to use gda-srv lib

"Peter C. Norton" wrote:
> I've started to re-write the db2 server to use the gda-mysql-server from
> cvs, too.

> I agree on point 1, for case 2 can you provide a scenario where an unknown
> type can come back out of the database, and why a varchar2 would be the
> right datatype?  Are you thinking of a user-defined object? Dunno about 3
> yet.
Well, an unknown data type coming from the database shouldn't happen,
but it CAN happen. Imagine for example the Oracle provider which is
compiled (the RPM) against oracle 8.0.5. In future Oracle releases,
there could be some new data types that the gda-oracle-srv is not aware
of. And, I think treating it as a varchar is the right thing for some
providers. For example, MySQL and PostgreSQL return data as strings, but
now that I think, it could not be the right solution for other
providers. What about the db2 server? how does it return data?


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