new release

Hi all!

Ok, since on Monday the new release will appear, what is missing for

* docs about new schemas (Vivien)
* new stuff in the oracle server (Stephan, if you've got no time, we'll
go without this)
* Rodrigo??? Is there something that I said during this week that it's
not on CVS?

Next week, after we make the release, we'll start implementing the XML
queries stuff, and adding new schemas, so that the GnomeDbBrowser is
able to navigate through all the objects in the database. Also, the
system-wide gdalib file will appear (the base is what I added this week
to the gda-manager direcvtory).

Also, and this is one of the first things to do, is to complete the
gda-manager stuff, although I find a little problem here: bonobo is not
installed on every machine using gnome yet, so we should add tests to
the autoconf/automake stuff so that the config components are only built
if bonobo is present. I think bonobo includes its own m4 macros to do
these tests...


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