Hi all!

As you may have noticed if you follow changes on CVS, the new gda-mgr is
starting to be usable. But, before continuing, I'd like to have your
opinion (both the developers, included Murray, and users) on how to code

Actually, I've created a notebook which only contains the
"GDA Configuration" tab. My question is, how do you prefer the specific
RDBMS config lib to be loaded (BTW, it should be a bonobo component)? in
a separate dialog so that you can use it as a standalone app (as Murray
wanted)? or as another tab in the notebook so that all configurators are
shown at the same time? The second way involves using another widget
than the notebook for the main window (just a container maybe).

As you (only Stephan and Vivien) have read in the thread with Michael
Lausch (you got the messages, didn't you?), I think it is the way to go
to code the config libs as bonobo components, since this will allow us
to have the component accessible from any machine in the network. Thus,
we just have to code a container (which does not seem too difficult as
far as I've seen), ...well, and the components, maybe having (yet
another) gda lib to implement all the common stuff.


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