Re: libglade+gnome-db example (was Re: Connecting by data source?)

Brian Jepson wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Feb 2000, Rodrigo Moya Piernavieja wrote:
> > As there will be cases where this is unwanted (when sharing the
> > recordset with other widgets, for example), I've added a function
> > gnome_db_combo_sync() which will do what you say. So, the best way I
> > can think of to use this feature will be to connect to the
> > GnomeDbCombo's "selection_changed" signal, and, in the callback, call
> > gnome_db_combo_sync() and then gnome_db_combo_get_recordset().
> >
> Thanks - I recently updated my example program to do something similar to
> this, but it does not always work reliably.  I looked for
> gnome_db_combo_sync in gnome-db-combo.[ch], but it is not there yet. Will
> you be checking this in soon? I'd like to update the example to use this
> method.

It's now on CVS.

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