Re: GNOME CVS: libgda lxhispano

On 25 Dec 2000 23:17:15 -0500, Gnome CVS User wrote:
> CVSROOT:      /cvs/gnome
> Module name:  libgda
> Changes by:   lxhispano       00/12/25 23:17:15
> Modified files:
>       report         : ChangeLog gda-report-stream.c 
>                        gda-report-stream.h 
> Log message:
> 2000-12-25    Carlos Perelló Marín <carlos gnome-db org>
> * updated gda-report-stream.[ch] to make them compile again.
> * included the lib/gda-client directory for header files in
Carlos, you should remove this. The report client IS NOT a GDA client. Of course,

an app can be both a GDA and a report client, but we don't want to add
unneeded dependencies
to this library, so that it can be used, for example, in a
report-generation-dedicated machine, 
without any other stuff.


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