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> On 29 Nov 2000 15:49:48 +0300, Cleber Rodrigues Rosa Junior wrote:
> > > Hi all!
> > > 
> > > I wanted to propose the inclusion of gnome-db/libgda based projects in
> > > domain, to
> > > have a better web site. And, as the first inclusion, I'd propose gASQL,
> > > of course, if Vivien
> > > wants and Carlos agrees in having more load in the good old
> > > TorresQuevedo machine.
> > > 
> > > Another candidate could be the PHP GDA bindings Cleber talked about.
> > 
> > That sounds great to me. Please don't think I've abandoned this. My time is
> > a bit short but I am working on it. You could assign me the page maintenance
> > alwell, no problemo!
> > 
> what I'd really like you to do, when you've got time, is to add a page in
> portuguese to serve as an index for all the documentation available in
> Portuguese (which, for
> the moment, is just the libgda manual you translated). This page would
> go into the
> gnome-db/www/docs/pt_BR/ directory.
> The same applies for Spanish, if somebody (as it seems there are many
> Spanish people on this
> list) wants to do so, this would go to gnome-db/www/docs/es. There are
> no up-to-date
> documents in Spanish, so there's no rush in doing this, but it would be
> great if somebody wanted
> to take over this, and update the Spanish docs.
> Well, and any other language, of course.
> cheers

There you go buddy, I'll send the file to you in another mail (I don't
think everybody in the list needs it!).  I've left the links just like the
original ones (this is a translated/modified version of gnome-db/www/docs/index.php),
assuming that the doc directory hierarchy is going to be duplicated for
each language. I'd also like to inform that very soon the Gnome-db docs
will be available in Brazilian Portuguese aswell, I'm working on them.

I'd also like to propose an idea that came to my mind when I was translating
the following part of the index.php page:

"please <a href="mailto:webmaster gnome-db org">tell us</a> and we'll include it here."

I believe each language should have a contact person, that would then contact
the webmaster. This is for obvious reasons (maybe the person indicating some
docs just won't write English). It also creates a kind ombudsman that some people
won't be afraid to contact, ask quenstions, all that. I'd like to volunteer myself
to take care of the Portuguese portion. Maybe some other people would like to volunteer
themselves aswell.

This could go both here in the index page for the language specific documentation
part, and in a 'Contact Us' or 'Ask Questions' or something like that page, listing
the languages and who to talk to.

Just my sleepy ideas at 11:00 PM.

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