Re: gda config component

> > Good idea, but, instead of having one component (process) for each of
> I did not mean to have separate processes for each component but one config
> process per provider which serves several different simple components, plus one
> more complex component which is the global config component.
Oh right, now I understand. I had thought about it very quick. In fact,
it's fine to have several components in the same process.

> > the 'profiles', why not have some kind of property where you can specify
> > which data to be shown? This can be easily done with bonobo properties,
> > which can be attached to the config controls.
> Yes! So as I see it each provider will have a config process which will offer
> several small components accessible individually (such as f.e. management of
> users) with almost no properties (to be defined for each component), and one
> big global config component where there will be several properties (maybe
> boolean properties to show/hide parts) to specify exactly what the config
> component should display (so if for example I want to manage users, I can get
> the 'user list' component, the 'groups list' component and 'users
> capabilities'). Is that possible? What do you think of this?
yes, having one bonoboControl for each of the config profiles should do
it. For the 'big' component, this should implement a BonoboContainer, as
the gda-mgr application does.

> >The only 'problem' I see
> > with this is that more work is needed on each of the config providers.
> Each provider will define several widgets (for the small components) and
> "export" those widgets as controls and one big config component incorporating
> several of these widgets. So not much more work is needed compared with only
> one control component, and it is much more flexible.
yes, you're right. The only thing is implementing also a BonoboContainer
in the config component, but with the libgda-components this should be
very easy.


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