Re: lots of changes

On lun, 17 avr 2000, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi all!
> I've made lots of source code changes on CVS. First of all, I've moved
> all the config stuff (Gda_Server and Gda_Dsn) to the libgda-common
> library. This breaks lots of source files, as some of them had #include
> <gda-server.h>. So, I've added a gda-client.h file which is the main
> header file for the gda-client library, so now, you just include this
> file for client applications.
> So, there is now a header file for each of the libraries:
> gda-common.h
> gda-client.h
> gda-ui.h

I think you should modify the gda-config script because it now needs to report
the libgda-common lib: gda-config --libs gdaui should return:
-L/usr/local/lib -lgda-client -lgda-common -lgdaui -lgnomeprint

> I've also seen that there are many gda-common.h files in the providers,
> and that they are useless (they contain the GDA_Connection_QType enum,
> which is already defined in gda.h), so please have a look at it, and if
> it's not needed, remove it from CVS. If there is something needed, just
> move it to another file (gda-*-types.h is a good choice). This is needed
> as the servers will make use of the libgda-common library.

Done for the Postgres provider :)

> Also, I've checked in the gda-srv library which I started time ago. It
> does not work right now, but I'll be working on it to provide a default
> GDA provider implementation, which will then be used by the providers to
> add just the extra functionality. Instead of directly modifying the
> current providers to use this library, I've thought of adding a new
> provider as a test for the library, and as soon as this provider has all
> the functionality, modify the current providers. I'm not starting this
> right now, as there are other things I'm working on, so if somebody
> wants to try adding a new provider....

Has anybody tried yet the DCDB database engine
( If it looks good, why not add a
provider for that server? Just an idea!



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