Re: mysql change

Chris Wiegand wrote:

> Okay, I've commited my first change to the cvs: mysql now supports the
> username and password passed to it from the Gda_connect command, if those
> aren't there, then it will use the ones from the DSN if provided. I don't
> yet have the code for defaulting to port 3306 or localhost in yet - I'm
> trying to decide a clean way of making that code. I also modified the
> gnome-db.sgml file to reflect the new DSN options, if I should leave that
> file alone, just let me know.

No problem at all, as long as you don't step on somebody's toes. And
updating documentation is a good habit to have.

> The new DSN options are USERNAME and PASSWORD. I've tested it on my
> machine, if anyone has problems with it just let me know.

Now compiling, i'll let you know later what happened.

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