RE: TODO list

Hi... yup there are people.. on the list..
(I had the same worry so that I replyed a mail I think i shouldn't,
but nice to see you're here)
I'm sorry I wasin Mexico DF lately for work
(I can't think of another pretext to go get sick in this city anyway *grin*)
I don't remember where we were, but I could compile and run the samples
finally (well some of it and now I am just trying to understand the whole
anyway, i couldn't start what i was suppoised to do, because i'm stuck with
the GnomeDataset
idea... i know i should go on and try a widget anyway, but it hurts :) I
mean.. i really want to base it on a dataset. finally, I stopped dreaming
about too abstract meaningless structure and started to look after something
simpler that would at least include tree and record topologies, but even..
it is not so so easy..)

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