Question about gnome-db...


I wondered something...

I do know that Gnumeric intends to be the exact replic of MS Excel. What
I would like to know is : Is it also the case for gnome-db, to behave
the most like MS Access ?

I don't want to discuss the principle. Just to know if yes or no. It is
very important for me.

After reading documentation about gnome-db, I can say that the goal is
to be a "frontend" to database engine.
Access is more than that because is does the indexation and so on
(poorly, but...)

After having gnome-db correctly installed and working, I might be
interested very well by helping the project in this direction, if it is
the case.

Designing an abstract layer for database design is very difficult,
because all db engines doesn't support the same function. For example
MySQL doesn't support transaction (so we have to implement them).

Could someone enlighten me or point me toward a link ?


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