new server framework

Hi all!

I've started to implement the server building framework. This has been
started since right now, implementing a server means studying ORBit
quite thoroughly. What I've done is to include templates for all files
needed for a new server implementation (look at gda-srv/templates
directory). What remains to do is (apart from testing all these
templates) is to finish the gda-dev/ script, which
must do 2 things:

* generate the skeletons (ie copy the templates files to the current
directory and remove the .tmpl part from the filename.
* build the server (get all .o files and libs from arguments, collect
all needed libraries and compile/link the executable)

As I am not very good on sheel script programming, I ask somebody with
good knowledge on this to implement this file. If somebody is interested
in doing it, please contact me and I'll tell him/her what to do. I think
it should be quite easy for somebody good in shell scripts.

There is also the script to finish, which is easier,
since it's just a wrapper for the building process. Its purpose is just
to collect all needed libraries for a GDA client application. It is just
included to provide a counterpart to gda-buildserver.

As soon as this script is finished, I'll start converting the current
servers to make use of this building process. And when all this server
building framework is finished, it should be trivial to add new servers
to the project, so people wanting to add servers for their favorite
database system (or another source of data such as plain text files,
mail folders,...) keep in touch to the list so that you know when to


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