glade support

Hi all!

I started to add support for gnome-db widgets to glade, but as I am, in
the last weeks, very busy due to work and family problems, I am not able
to continue on it until I don't know when. So I ask somebody willing to
do it to get in contact with me or with the glade list, so that we add
support in glade as soon as possible.

As far as I've seen, it does not look very difficult. In fact, you just
have to create a small set of functions for each widget, and there is a
perl script which generates these functions, so you just have to fill in
the gaps. You don't have to know about CORBA nor glade, just an
understanding of GTK+ object system is enough for this, you can do it
even if you know nothing about gnome-db, since you can count on me for
any doubt/problem you may have.

Anyone interested?

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