[gnome-cyr] Re: [Evolution-hackers] evo snapshot from 16 aug is completely broken for nonlatin1 (fwd)

 Вот что он ответил. Качаю 

 Best regards,

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Date: 17 Aug 2001 13:57:46 -0400
From: Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj ximian com>
Cc: evolution-hackers ximian com
To: Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru>
Subject: Re: [Evolution-hackers] evo snapshot from 16 aug is completely broken
    for nonlatin1
X-Mailer: Evolution/0.12.99 (Preview Release)

I just fixed bonobo-conf the other day to correctly handle saving
strings in UTF8 (and any other charset) by hex encoding them.

The problem you are seeing is because libxml1 is completely broken with
respect to non-US-ASCII charsets. Please upgrade to bonobo-conf 0.11 and
your problems will vanish.


On 17 Aug 2001 22:46:01 +0500, Vlad Harchev wrote:
>  Hello, 
>  Sorry for such subject, but it's sadly a fact.
>  Please read first: http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6621
>  All strings in config files of evo dated 16 aug are stored like this:
>     <entry name="account_name_0" type="string"
> value="&#208;&#146;&#208;&#187;&#208;&#176;&#208;&#180;
> &#208;&#165;&#208;&#176;&#209;&#128;&#209;&#135;&#208;&#181;&#208;&#178; -
> &#208;&#165;&#208;&#184;&#208;&#191;&#208;&#191;&#208;&#190;"/>
>  Where &#NNN; are character codes of chars in CURRENT locale's encoding (not
> utf8). According to XML spec they are treated as Unicode codes by XML parsers
> (thus always producing latin1).The string read from such entry is then treated
> as utf8 apparently by Evo (since the evolution shortcuts names (contacts,
> mail, calendar, executive summary) (their russian localizations) became VERY
> short in shortcut view )..
>  That's not that big problems though..
>  The big one:
>  I can't start mail component (i.e. by trying to compose a message) - it
> crashes.
>  More details:  Evo from 16 aug with ~/evolution from 0.11 worked so-so (mail
> component didn't crash each time it was activated), but Evo from 16 aug
> started for a clean user account is unusable since mail component constatly
> crashes (before and after creating the first account!). Both cases under
> Russian locale of course, on the same box. So I think change to bonobo-config
> is guilty (and of course the code of mail component - it shouldn't crash).
>  Best regards,
>   -Vlad
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