[gnome-cyr] [Bug 7154] Changed - base64 vs stupid mailing lists

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Changed by danw ximian com 


--- shadow/7154	Mon Aug 13 11:01:04 2001
+++ shadow/7154.tmp.19540	Tue Aug 14 10:02:31 2001
@@ -10,13 +10,13 @@
 Component: Mailer
 AssignedTo: evolution-mail-maintainers ximian com                            
 ReportedBy: hvv hippo ru               
 QAContact: louie ximian com
 TargetMilestone: 1.0
-Summary: Need ability to select 8bit clean content-transfer-encoding for outgoing email
+Summary: base64 vs stupid mailing lists
 Ability to select a 8bit-clean content-transfer-encoding for outgoing email is
 needed (i.e. the CTE that will be used when SMTP host or sendmail doesn't
 accept raw 8bit messages) - i.e. between quoted-printable and base64.
  It's because very popular list managers have severe bugs wrt support of
 base64 encoding (they just append list signature to base64-encoded body, that
@@ -25,6 +25,42 @@
 printable for email. Most non-latin1 people will definitiely select
 quoted-printable, so it would be better to make it default.
 ------- Additional Comments From peterw ximian com  2001-08-13 11:01 -------
 See bug 6666 for the reverse of this (when we receive messages broken
 in this way.)
+------- Additional Comments From danw ximian com  2001-08-14 10:02 -------
+I think providing the user with a choice here is the wrong
+solution, because that allows the user to make the *wrong*
+choice. It would be better to have a solution that always does
+the right thing, whether or not the user is aware of the issues.
+One solution that wouldn't require user-cluefulness would be to
+always wrap base64-encoded parts inside a multipart, so you'd
+end up with
+  Content-type: multipart/mixed
+  --boundary
+  Content-type: text/plain; charset=koi-8r
+  Content-transfer-encoding: base64
+  base64 gunk
+  --boundary--
+  Stupid non-MIME-compliant mailing list footer gets appended here
+Since non-MIME-compliant mail readers won't be able to decode the
+base64 anyway, it shouldn't make it any less readable... ?
+Contrariwise, we could say "don't use base64 except inside
+multiparts", meaning if we were sending a message with
+Content-type: text/plain, we'd always use quoted-printable, but
+if we were sending multiple parts (whether /mixed, /alternative,
+or /related), we'd allow base64 inside them.
+(Note that "we don't care about this because the mailing lists
+are broken" is not a good answer, given that the Ximian mailing
+lists exhibit this broken behavior :-)

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