Re: [gnome-cy] Library?

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 15:41, Chris M. Jackson wrote:
> On a side note, while working on gnome_applets, I see "mist" and "fog".
> In English, these have clear definitions (IIRC, fog is low cloud with
> visibility below 1km, mist is low cloud with visibility at 1km or
> further).  However, in Welsh, we have only one word for the two.  Niwl.
> Even worse is that gnome_applets have separate entries for
> {light,moderate,heavy}\ {mist,fog};  Even worse is that it appears I
> have started talking in Bourne ;-P

The values are visibility data normally taken from the airport weather
data on the internet. I believe the order is

light mist, moderate mist, heavy mist, light fog, etc

So you just need six degrees of damp and miserable 8)

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