[gnome-cy] Changes again ...

- Headings on the columns in the translation entry pages

- Translator name is remembered after first entry

- "Suggestion pending" column added to table selection page

- Omnivore is now on the navbar too

- non-Wizard DrakX and Abiword files (thanks for those Rhoslyn!) added to 
Omnivore, making almost 17,000 phrases available now (granted, some (10-15% 
by my reckoning) of these will be rubbish like "%s" or "Tab 1", and many 
(another 30%?) will be repetitions, but still ....)

However, after consideration, I will not add a "suggestions pending" column to 
the HoF - the way the db is set up now would make this too 
processor-intensive, in return for limited benefit.

The major remaining item now is looking at getting rid of the checkbox on the 
translations page.

Best wishes


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