Re: [gnome-cy] MDK files on Omnivore

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 14:18, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> There is also another niggle, in that the to-bach characters in these files 
> are in UTF-8 format (I presume), so they end up looking weird.  Since you can 
> guess what they should be, I think it's OK to leave them there for the time 
> being, but it's not ideal.  I could do a search and replace, but I can't get 
> at the relevant characters on my keyboard.

Gnome also uses UTF-8 for all .po files. Its not a big problem, report a
UTF8 charset in the headers and browsers will generally render it right
(some like lynx will remap to y/w when they lack the symbols, mozilla
will pick a similar font if needed)

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