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On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 10:37:46PM +0100, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 09:19:12PM +0100, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> > The same word (rhanniad) seems to be being used for both "share" (as in 
> > Windows share), and "partition" (as in drive partition), even though they are 
> > not actually the same.
> > 
> > Any views?
> Hmmm. This is complicated by the fact that "partition" in this sense
> means "a bit of the disk" rather than something which seperates bits of
> the disk (which the traditional meaning of "partition" would imply).
> Maybe "tafell" for "partition"? Is "rhanniad" even a real word? Would
> "cyfran" do just as well?

I think 'rhaniad' is a good word for partition, as it translates back
to 'division'. Problem is, in Welsh, we always have to specify what
we're sharing 'rhannu fflat', 'rhannu gwybodaeth', 'rhannu ffeil' -
you can't have rhannu on its own because that means divide :)

I can't think of a Welsh word that gives the same exact meaning as a
(network|file) share, but Siâr/siario is quite widely used in any
context where rhannu doesn't quite work (like financial shares).

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