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Telsa Gwynne wrote:

Brief summary of the Linux Awareness Days from a software-in-Welsh
point of view.

First off, I have never attended one of these before. I don't
know whether we should be pleased or depressed about the numbers.
Less than a hundred, certainly, but counted in dozens rather
than single people.

We had a machine running RH 9.0 with the latest translations
of Gnome on it and as much other free software in Welsh as we
could find. Every time I came back to the machine I kept
finding another instance of Abiword open :) We stuck a browser pointed at Google in Welsh and at Kyfieithu on it too.
Several people asked about it specifically, and several others
just came across it as they moved along from machine to machine.

We got:
* interest :) * several people who are on this list already (say hello :)) * several people who had never been able to find any Welsh
software at all.
 * lots of interest in Kyfieithu, and a few surprised faces
at Google in Welsh. * someone showing up on the IRC channel the one day we were all away at this. How typical :) Things I noticed from chatting to people (Daf and Chris and Alan probably got different impressions from other people).
Note that when I say "a lot" and so on, the sample size was
rather small. So I don't know how typical the remarks were.

Interest: people who spoke Welsh were (naturally?) more
interested, but there was interest from non-Welsh speakers
too. The guy on the IRC channel seemed particularly interested:
he was actively asking where he could get hold of things to
Not many people knew about much Welsh software at all. I
am used to people not knowing about free software, and I can do a reasonable two-sentence "This is what free software
is about" intro by now. But a lot of people were surprised
to hear that there had ever been any Welsh Windows stuff, even.
One person had seen one version of Windows in Welsh which
he said was only half-translated, but he wasn't sure what
version it was. And that was it, pretty much. This surprised
me a great deal. No-one mentioned other sites, other projects,
and so on. People were even surprised to see Google in Welsh.
We really should have taken flyers along with references to
sites where people could find such things. Next time, I shall
definitely do that.
That said, we got a few interesting suggestions and our
first genuine user feedback (woo!) I remember Rhoslyn
some time ago saying that he changed a number of Opera strings in response to feedback (people thought longer forms of verbs were friendlier, I think?) We had some along those lines: I remember one discussion about "bas ddata"/"cronfa", for example. I shall leave that to Dafydd to explain, I think.

We also realised that we have no idea whether anyone is
_using_ this stuff, and that we need a way for people who
are using it to provide feedback easily. (The visitor on
IRC is probably our first "user in the wild", so to speak.
We did think of making him a badge :))

It was interesting to hear where people thought there would
be interest in Welsh desktops. For some people, it is "for
me". But there were also suggestions of other groups who
might be interested: councils, education departments, community projects, and public institutions such as the National Library.

A couple of people wanted URLs, and said they'd be visiting
Kyfieithu again to help.

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