Re: [gnome-cy] Kartouche (a possible translation aid) - request for feedback

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 05:24:29PM +0000 or thereabouts, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> For a few months we have been trying to carry on the good work started by 
> Elfed Lewis in translating KDE into Welsh.  While working on this, we began 
> to think that it would be nice if we could use the Web to give other people 
> an easy way to provide input into the process.  There are many advantages to 

We have been mulling over the same idea here. 

> this, and after some work we have put together an application (Kartouche) 
> that seems to meet most of the initial requirements.  The purpose of this 
> posting is to ask for feedback on the idea and the implementation, in the 
> hope that Kartouche might prove useful for Gnome and other other 
> free/open-source apps (eg, various PHP apps, etc).  I am 


> emboldened to post a K app on the Gnome list by the fact that Kartouche has 
> imported without complaint the cy.po file that was posted here earlier, 
> whereas KBabel (the current standard translation tool for KDE) refused it :-)


I can't vouch for how well it works, but this looks gorgeous. 
Tiny trivia: can there be that list of "index, intro, remember.."
at the bottom as well as the top of the page? :) 
> Kartouche uses PHP to load the pot files into a MySQL database (one file to a 
> table), and then provides a front-end for people to add suggested 
> translations, and a back-end for the translation co-ordinator to accept or 
> reject those suggestions.  More information is at:

What happens to the files then? Presumably they get checked into KDE
(or Gnome, if we may use it too), but how? One person gets to read
the db results and do the checkin donkey-work, or..?
> like Kartouche, will be available for download shortly).  It is not really 
> "live" yet, but (if all goes well!) will be so on 1 March, because on that 
> date, as you can see, we are planning a "translation campaign" - Kyfieithu 
> mewn Kant, or K/100 - which will not only expand the number of translators 
> (we hope!), but will also raise awareness of GNU/Linux and KDE in Wales.  If 
> you have any comments or suggestions about this, I would also be glad to 
> receive them - also any contact addresses.  My wife (who is a first-language 
> Welsh-speaker) thinks the response will be minuscule, but I (as an Irishman) 
> live in hope ...

I think you will have a better response than miniscule: the people
who would like to help but who do not have a Linux box and the time
or inclination or ability to checkout po files from CVS will love
this. I love it already. Can we borrow some of your responses? :) 

> We are working to get the files and installation notes packaged as a 
> downloadable, and this should be ready by the weekend.  Once that is 
> available, it should be possible for more people to test it in the comfort of 
> their own PCs.

So, is your suggestion here that the same site would work for Gnome
too, or that we can borrow the code and set up one ourselves?

I think it's worth keeping in touch whichever way, as I imagine that
the same "what's the best way to translate this?" is going to come
up for the same words somewhere. It would be silly to have the same
words translated differently. 


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