Re: [gnome-cy] Press release on Welsh support

On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 09:22:38PM +0100, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> 1)  I think it makes sense to attribute this to some sort of "body", so I have 
> (for the time being) invented one, which I have called the "Welsh Free 
> Software Collective" - suitably vague.  But if anyone has any better ideas 
> for a name, let's have them.  I thought about various things related to 
> "rhydd", but I decided the recipients might think we were something to do 
> with prison reform.

Fine. :)

> 2)  I have put a figure in for man-hours of voluntary effort involved, and an 
> estimate of 3,000 hours, based largely on my own input multiplied.  I think 
> this is probably conservative, actually.  But it might not be a bad idea if 
> people could keep a rough tally of how much time they are spending on this - 
> i remembered today that (certainly in the past) it was possible to cost out 
> hours of voluntary effort and use that figure to claim match-funding from 
> some groups in some circumstances.  That might be quite useful.


> 3)  I have suggested some contacts, but please make alternative suggestions as 
> appropriate.

I am happy to be a contact.

You might want to point users at for installation
instructions. It's not quite complete, and it's not completely bilingual
in the bits where it is complete, but it's nearly there. I am away for
today and some of tomorrow; I am going to make finishing this a priority
on Sunday. Thanks a lot to Bryn S. for trying the Welsh GNOME stuff out
on RedHat, Mandrake and SuSE!

Got to run.


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