[gnome-cy] TkGate digital circuit app now in Welsh

Took my eye off KGyfieithu a bit this week, because I was building a PC for a 
friend who's head of science at a secondary school, and of course with SuSE 
8.2 just out, "testing" it was just too good to miss.  

In the course of that, I decided to do a translation of a program that might 
be some use to him (I'm trying to make a convert here!), and I chose the 
rather impressive TkGate, which is a digital circuit design and simulation 
program, written in Tcl.  I'm not sure how "live" it is, but the last 
version, which is a year old, seems to do its stuff OK, and it is on the 
Freeduc disk of Linux apps for education.  (If I'm lucky, my friend may do me 
a review of how it compares with software he is currently using, and it would 
be useful to get a user viewpoint.)

Anyway, a first-pass translation is available on KGyfieithu:
along with details on the easiest way of getting it running in SuSE 8.2.  Any 
comments on the translation would be very welcome.  Could Rhoslyn perhaps put 
a link to it on meddal.org.uk, since that is now the clearing-house for these 

Best wishes


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