Re: [gnome-cy] amendments/updates for cy.po

On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 22:54, Chris M. Jackson wrote:
> On 16 Dec 2002 at 21:22, Dafydd Tomos wrote:
> > Here's a diff on the last version supplied by Dafydd Harries.
> > I've added a timestamp on this one.
> So it is my (or, more accurately, this Sun server's) fault that "12 
> out of 34 hunks failed"?  If it is, that's a load off my mind, and 
> another reason to pester Robert Evans into giving us access to Linux 
> machines here.

Probably applied to the wrong version.

Once sanity returns (probably after Christmas) I can get a set of
accounts created and a CVS repository for oddments like this. 

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