[cookbook] Page mockup

Hey everyone,

While trying to calm down after the two really funny 7.5 richter
earthquakes over here I inkscape'd this:


I haven't heard of previous mockups for the cookbook so I thought we
could at least start a discussion with this one.
Ideas I'd like to propose:

- Use a different color for the "theme" of the page like on the mockup.
 - Let's say:
    * Desserts: purple
    * Soft drinks: blue
 something like the phone directory (yellow pages) that use different
colors on the borders and the pages itself so you quickly find what
you are looking for.

- Use the _original_ name of the food in the title and use a subtitle
with the i18n'd title. For example on the mockup Sílvia named her
recipe Sopa de Meló so that's the intended name for the recipe. Same
for some other things. I think this would be a nice way to share a bit
of our different cultures.

- Have a description of the recipe, like when was it created or by
who, where, etc. (near the picture in the mockup).

- Have some suggestions to go with the current recipe if there's
enough space. Like "best with wine".

- Have better emblems, actually _have_ emblems.

- In the footer, make it obvious where in the book are we, like on
desserts section or whatever.

If anyone can upload some pictures of cooking books, please!. I think
we can check them out and take some ideas and common practices/ideas
from them. Note that I'm not suggesting stealing the designs or
whatever, I'm just suggesting that we check what others have done so
we learn from their mistakes.

Well that's all that is in my mind right now, feel free to flame me!


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